July 17, 2018

“You have to be intentional,” 

These are some of the first words that author and youth advocate April Henderson says as she recounts for us some of the amazing work she’s done since publishing her book, A Letter to You. In her book, April has penned fifty letters to yo...

June 8, 2018

#Exfornicator #Exserialdater #Exhomosexual 

From Promiscuity to P U R I T Y

1. What inspired you to publish your book? 

I had so many fragmented pieces of trauma within me undone and severely shattered. Just picture a room full of broken glass covering the floor. I d...

March 15, 2018

November Media Publishing prides itself on representing authors who aspire to publish books that inspire, encourage, and empower their readers and we’re always excited to see the ways in which authors utilize their book to reach people. First-time author Debra Williams...

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