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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hybrid publishing company?

A hybrid publishing company partners with the author to produce an industry standard book. The author invests in the production of the book and the publishing company produces the book through traditional publishing outlets.

What is the process for being published by November Media?

First, you must schedule a publishing consultation HERE. From there you will speak with a publishing consultant about a publishing solution best for you and your book project, and then submit your manuscript for review. Next we will either send you a publishing offer or rejection letter. Once a publishing contract has been signed we will walk you through the publishing process step by step.

What if I just have a book concept? Can I get someone to write the book for me based on my concepts and direction?

Yes we do offer ghostwriting services.

Can I get a rush on my publishing to meet a release date that is less than 3 months away?

No, we do not do rushed publishing. In order for us to produce an industry standard book, we must have 3 to 5 months of book production time.

Can I use my own book cover design or editing for a discounted publishing package?

No, we do not offer a la carte services

Do I need a completed manuscript to submit for publication?

Yes, we need to evaluate your entire manuscript to determine if it is a best fit for November Media Publishing. However, we do offer writing consultations to help authors get their manuscript written. We also offer educational classes and reading materials to help you in writing your manuscript.

Does November Media market their published books?

Yes, we do some limited marketing for every book we publish. We do social media marketing, a press release, and your book is included in our online bookstore. At November Media we pride ourselves in educating our authors so they can become authorpreneurs. We teach classes, and offer other educational support efforts to equip our authors to market their book.

Does November Media accept every book that is submitted for publication?

No. We review every book that is submitted to determine if it is a good fit for November Media. We look for books that inspire, encourage, or empowers our readers. We do not accept books that include negative or vulgar language.


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