Teresa Caldwell

They say, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” and the same is true for entrepreneur and business mogul Teresa Caldwell, Manager and mother to successful rap/movie entertainer Shad Moss, better known as Bow Wow.

This beautiful, well-put together woman has had her share of tears and mountains to climb. In fact, this book is a raw look into the dark side of Teresa’s life, before the fame and fortune, and tells the story of rejection, abandonment, and physical abuse.

In her debut book I Once Was Her, Teresa offers the gift of sharing her experiences (the good, bad, and the ugly) to help readers realize that no matter how grim a situation seems; a way out exists, and a door will open if you allow yourself to consistently evolve past the pain and struggles.

Be impacted by her testimony. Find hope through her journey of emotional and physical abuse. Learn to walk into your true identity, like a BOSS!

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Mark Winkler

My Daughter’s Keeper is a compelling story of one father's intense journey to strive against the mounting odds to be present and loving in his daughter's life. It reveals the complexities of parenting through our choices as the author wrestles with his past demons to champion an effort to subdue and remove self-imposed impediments, in order to transition from a man given to selfish leanings, to an open-hearted and dutiful father.

My Daughter's Keeper tugs on the heartstrings of any parent who has endured the pain and challenges of co-parenting, custody disputes, or separated families. This story is written with accountability and compassion; it has been crafted to help readers consider the ways our circumstances, including the painful ones, set us up to develop into a better version of ourselves.

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