God-Sized Dreams, Invited To Attend The 2017 Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conferenc

We are excited to announce that our Author, Debra Lynn Hodges-Williamson and her debut book, God Sized Dreams: The Story of a Little Black Girl From The South Side of Chicago was invited to attend the 2017 Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference in Washington, DC on September 21, 2017.

Congratulations Debra, and thank you so much for allowing November Media Publishing to be apart of your journey!

Photo Credit: Debra & Derek Williamson

God-Sized Dreams: The Story Of A Little Black Girl From The South Side Of Chicago, tells the story of a highly sensitive little black girl who from a young age, felt insecure in her own skin and struggled with low self-esteem and low self-worth for most of her life.

With a front row seat, she witnessed the crumbling and eventual demise of her parents' marriage and loss of their familial identity. During those years, she felt like an island and was plagued with a dark, mysterious unhappiness. In a desperate attempt to counter these negative feelings, the author charted a course to live her dreams, ' or so she thought. She sought the approval of men, and when it was not provided she felt like a failure.

This book chronicles how the author navigated through the storms of her life. Believing she had it all worked out, operating in her own strength, she learned after many trials and setbacks that perhaps she was not actually living her dream.' When she accepted that God had a dream much bigger than she could ever imagine, miraculous things began to unfold in her life.

God-Sized Dreams will encourage you if you see yourself as a failure in life or love. This book is for you if you feel that you are not worthy of the love of a godly man, not a good man, but a godly man. If you've ever struggled with your identity in Christ, God-Sized Dreams will show you that God is a dreamer! God sees your identity in Christ. God is bigger than your dreams! God wants you to believe for the IMPOSSIBLE! If you are living a life of pain and discouragement, let God shape your dreams!

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