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One night in 2013, at the conclusion of a conference I ministered at in Tacoma, WA., the spirit of the Lord was moving mightily. I went out of the sanctuary to change clothes, and came back in for the benediction. When I returned, the spirit of the Lord was yet moving, and the Lord began to speak to me about myself and the many prophetic words that had been spoken over my life concerning what my future would look like.

As I looked around in amazement at the move of God, I was almost in disbelief at the anointing that had been placed on me. It was at this moment that the Lord began reminding me of the many things he had brought me through to get me to this point.

I had a flashback of how I went from lying on the floor to standing in the pulpit, and I began to say to myself, “Only God Can Do It…” The words went from my heart to my mouth, from my mouth to my lips, and I began to repeat them over and over, because truly, “Only God Can Do It!”

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