Cerebral Labyrinth, by K.B. Wal

“What would I do if I was granted one wish?”

That’s the number one question that echoed around author K.B. Wal’s mind before she embarked on the journey of creating her debut novel, Cerebral Labyrinth. She pondered ideas like establishing world peace or ending world hunger, and even what it would be like to have a cure for every disease known to mankind. “And that’s when it dawned on me,” Wal says. “How could I accomplished all these ideas of mine with just one wish, and with the ability to unite all the people in the world under one common goal?” With this in mind, Wal created the ultimate question for which she believed would make for an interesting book to read; a question leading to the creation of much anticipated, ‘Cerebral Labyrinth’.

When asked what the writing process was like for this book, K.B. Wal replies, “In the initial stages, I created what felt like a billion notes. I wanted to establish early on who the characters would be, as well as their roles and connection. The bible was my reference, which is why the characters have such unique names. Once the characters were created, I continued to build the story on the foundation of the ultimate question I created with the answer requiring that I use the most powerful part of myself; my imagination. In creating this story, I wanted to provide action, suspense, romance, some thrilling moments, all while keeping it within the Science fiction genre. “I love the creativity that science fiction brings. whether it’s a great book, a favorite movie, or blueprints that lead to an amazing invention, science fiction challenges your imagination and wakes something up in you to be open minded to creation and innovation which is a gift every person should benefit from.”

As the first science fiction book to be published through November Media, the entire team is just as excited to present this book as the author is.

“I hope readers can take away the concept of true equality that the story is fighting to reestablish after learning that it can exist. I was born in the late 80’s so I have seen people throughout generations have similar emotions and reactions to the idea of equality and I hope that my readers can challenge that idea and really ask themselves, what is needed to obtain it? Or what really is equality for them?”

To stay up to date with Author K.B. Wal, you can connect with her through social media, or follow her blog at https://cerebrallabyrinth.wordpress.com/.

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