Life After Publishing: Debra Williamson, Author of God-Sized Dreams: The Story of a Little Black Gir

November Media Publishing prides itself on representing authors who aspire to publish books that inspire, encourage, and empower their readers and we’re always excited to see the ways in which authors utilize their book to reach people. First-time author Debra Williamson published her first book, God-Sized Dreams: The Story of a Little Black Girl from the South Side of Chicago, in July 2017 and has since then taken the industry by storm.

Just months after her book’s debut, Debra was a featured author at the 2017 Congressional Black Caucus’ 47th Annual Legislative Conference. She was also featured on the Chicago-based radio talk show, The Talk of Chicago. Most recently the 2018 recipient of the Phillis Wheatly Author/Poet Literary Award (hosted by the All God’s Children Collective Club of Arizona), Debra shares her excitement and awe at being awarded by this organization that recognizes notable African-American men and women. She is also set to appear in this year’s Tucson Book Festival, as well as the National Black Writer’s Conference hosted in Brooklyn, New York.

And the secret to her success?

Debra was adamant that to be a successful author post-publishing, you must be prepared and willing to do the heavy lifting. One may think that after writing a book that the work is done, but that’s only the beginning. Debra prides herself on being a ‘go-getter’ and is always on the lookout for ways to promote her book. Her efforts have led her book to rest on the shelves of popular book chain Barnes & Noble, as well as in the Empowered Life Christian Bookstore. Currently, she is researching ways to have her book placed in Walmart and Target locations across the U.S. and has aspirations for her book to reach the Amazon and New York Times’ Best Seller lists.

More than anything, Debra wants to encourage first-time authors to not despise small beginnings. She stresses the importance of trusting God through the process and believing in His dreams and plans for you.

“I never saw it coming, but I’m just soaking it all in.”

Debra is always striving to find ways to connect with her audience and uses social media as her main resource for keeping her readers engaged, as well as marketing her book. When asked about her plans for more writing, she simply replies, “Everyone is waiting on a sequel.” And with how moving and inspirational her first book is, it’s not hard to imagine why.

Whatever her future plans are, November Media remains a staunch supporter of Debra and her work. When we see the impact that she’s made, it’s a humble reminder of why we publish books in the first place.

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