Mark Winkler Becomes the First Author to Join Journey Press

Youth and parent advocate and author of My Daughter’s Keeper, Mark Winkler, joins Journey Press, a new imprint of November Media Publishing and Consulting Firm.

Mark Winkler has become the first author to join Journey Press, a new imprint of November Media Publishing, as he looks to continue in his pursuit of helping to create a better world one individual at a time. Mark Winkler is a family man and youth and parent advocate who focuses on providing guidance, leadership, and advocacy via his organization, Manhood Camp. He also recently authored My Daughter’s Keeper, which is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2019. In his debut book, the author captures the intense love and struggle of a father for his daughter.

Over the years, Winkler has continuously moved towards his goal of making a better world by motivating others. Consequently, he has worked with several children and families, with many such families sharing their appreciation for his energy and contributions. This passion eventually led to the co-founding of Manhood Camp, which was established to provide life skills programs and community service opportunities that encourage young men in the Los Angeles region to be well rounded, healthy, and productive citizens. Recently, Manhood Camp started working directly with fathers via their monthly support group called Fatherhood Circle.

The BSc psychology holder has been working in the field for more than a decade. One of Winkler’s major achievements was hosting Choose Peace: A Community Celebration and Information Fair, which hosted more than twenty-six community organizations and received a special appearance and congratulatory speech by the Los Angeles City Council president, Herb J. Wesson Jr.

Winkler’s compassion, persistence, and verbal skills have helped him touch thousands of lives directly and indirectly. His recent addition to the Journey Press family is a further reiteration of his amazing creativity and ingenuity, as he hopes to use his expertise in writing to touch more lives across the globe.

More information about Journey Press and other projects from November Media Publishing & Consulting Firm can be found on our website.

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