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Tiheasha Beasley, Founder of November Media Publishing, is a graduate of Kankakee High School and received her degree in Political Science from Western Illinois University. She now resides in Chicago, Illinois, with her husband, David Beasley, and their son, Nehemiah.

As an author, Tiheasha released Misconception of Modesty in 2013, and her first Christian fiction novella book series, Emotionally Discombobulated, in 2015. Later that year, she also began her journey as a publisher and publishing consultant through her company November Media Publishing Incorporated.

"I desire to use my passion for writing and publishing to educate, inspire, and build up this generation of Christian writers and authors!" -Tiheasha Beasley

Q & A With The Publisher

What do you love most about publishing?

I love educating new authors! I remember my first book project. I remember feeling a little overwhelmed with the entire writing and publishing journey in the beginning and wished that I had a mentor. As a published author, both through November Media Publishing and my previous publisher, I learned the good, bad, and ugly sides of the industry. Now I want to do my best to help educate new authors so that they will have a better experience with their first book than I did.

Also, I love seeing my authors’ book projects come to life! I have a slight emotional attachment to all of the books I help publish.

What is your favorite book genre?

Christian fiction, hands down! I'm biased.

When do you plan to release your next book?

Lord willing, Spring 2018. I need to put some closure on my Christian fiction book series, Emotionally Discombobulated.

If aspiring authors, professionals, or ministry leaders want to write a book, where do they start?

There are sometimes three mountains to hike before you see your book come to life! Content- Finding enough information to write about Time- Finding the time to write Investment- Coming up with the financial support to write and publish your book

MOVE MOUNTAIN NUMBER ONE! I don’t like to waste time or words so I will make this very clear for you. If you’re a blogger… use your blogs If you’re a pastor… use your sermons If you have a YouTube channel… use your videos It’s that simple. MOVE MOUNTAIN NUMBER TWO! If you don’t have the time, November Media Publishing would love to assist you! We can take your notes, sermons, blogs, or even journal entries and turn them into a manuscript by conceptualizing your thought and ideas! MOVE MOUNTAIN NUMBER THREE! Writing and publishing a book will take some type of financial investment. Whether you’re getting the book edited or using our transcription services, it will require an investment and only you can put a value price on what having a book created will do for your brand.

Why should an aspiring author work with a Hybrid Publisher?

It is no secret that the publishing industry is changing, and it’s actually changing rather quickly! In the beginning, aspiring authors only had the option to publish their book through traditional publishing companies. However, traditional publishers had very strict guidelines for book submissions, and very little authors were actually offered publishing contracts. That is why it was no coincidence that the next big trend in publishing was the rise of self-published authors. Many authors started to use free DIY publishing platforms to publish their books, which presented an entirely different problem in the industry. Self-published books gained a bad reputation because of their homemade book covers and atrocious formatting, and in response, the publishing trade closed the doors to self-published authors and made it impossible for their books to receive book awards and shelf-space in brick and mortar bookstores. Thankfully, the story will not end there. We will begin to see a new wave of authors who are producing AMAZING industry standard books because of companies like November Media Publishing, She Writes Press, Spark Press, Evolve Publishing, and several other new and innovative publishing companies who are “Blending Traditional Methods with Self-Publishing and a Little Modern Ingenuity,” according to Anais Mohr. Which brings me to the most current trend in publishing, and that is the hybrid publishing option. Hybrid publishing companies address the needs and wants of aspiring authors, by building a partnership with the author to publish, promote, and sell the author’s book. Most Hybrid publishing companies require a financial investment from the author for the production of the book project. However, in return, most hybrid publishers invest in the book project by providing the author with quality distribution and printing options, as well as tools, education, and resources, needed to succeed! What advice would you give to first-time authors?

Enjoy the journey and set realistic goals.

Also, don't assume anything. If you're working with a publisher, ask questions until you get a full understanding. However, at the end of the day, do your research! Before moving forward, determine the best publishing option for your book project and budget. What are the top 3 questions to ask a Publisher? What is your book production timeline? How are royalty payments and statements issued? What is your publishing business model?

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